Am 20.04.2015 machen wir bei der Kampagne #IAMTALIBE, iniziert von den 'Voices of Talibe' mit. Wir werden Fotos von uns aufnehmen und bis zum 20.04.2015 veröffentlichen.

Hier noch ein Bericht - in Englisch:

Did you know that:

After the fire incident that happened in March 2013 which killed nine children in Medina,The government soon after discovered that thousands of children who do not speak the local vernacular, Wolof, were being smuggled into Senegal from neighbouring countries by people impersonating marabouts, and using the kids to beg for their personal gain.

After the fire, President Sall and his then-premier, Abdoul Mbaye, announced the repatriation of all non-Senegalese talibés, and banned child begging on the streets and all daaras throughout the country.

But conflicts at the time in neighbouring Mali and Guinea Bissau forced the government to rescind the expulsion order.

Additionally, the abscence of child begging on the streets only lasted a few days though, because of pressure from the Islamic community.

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